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AUM to POULHAR,Maha Chohan of the zodiac capricorn.
Capricorns search and finds often wisedom in loneliness.A great secret surrounds the most of the capricorns and i will reveal this secret now.
The most capricon borns were once mental angels,they caused a war in heaven,because we refuse (as the lords of the thoughts)after the split in sexes about 18.000.000 years ago to incarn in the thoughtless third race,to make them thinking possible.At that time we were kumeras or"virgin youth",mental angels
of the mid hirachy,without a physical body only dressed with a thoughtbody.
I was one of the leaders of this rebellion.Why we revolted against the lords of karma is explained in the book of light.It is my duty,all those who followed me at that time,to enchourage them now to step on the path to nirvana.Those who pertain to that will know what i mean.
We ruled at that time the capricorn zodiac.In the following,our sunsystem shattered until his borders,cosmic confrontation with other mental and astral angels and even with the lords of karma
(lipika) lost one third of us their homes and planets and that onces bereft of their leaderships tumbled into the sun.
Thereupon we got thrown into the third rootrace on earth.That much i can whistle:we would anyway
incarnes into the third rootrace after their split into sexes,but we want to mark the point of time.We fought and lost,but the last word about this is not spoken.
Finally,at the highest point of the cosmic battle,we sacrifice ourself and united our smudged divinebody with the "puddingbags" of the third rootrace.
The capricorn zodiac is also named Makara,that only means exoterical "crocodil".In truth this means five and represent to the fifth principle,the thinking,in the human.
At the moment there are five virgin mental angels or kumeras,they influence meditativ the Makara or the capricorn zodiac.There names are:SANAKA,SANANDA,SANATANA,SANTET-KUMERA and one more who represent the esoteric trinity.But there were seven main kumeras,where are the other two ?They are not existing anymore,but we,almost all capricorn borns,are their subemanations,their mental children,created through kriyesaktl.AUM.
Soon we will assume our legitimate heritage,taking our entitled place in heaven and than reaching nirvâna.
I for myself promised this millions of years before an i will keep my promise.
The prophecy will be fulfilled.AUM:

I was coming to order my army back.For those this message is specific will hear me and understand.
You have done well during the apocalypse and afterwards,all the many and often woebegone incarnations through.But now the moment has come,to fight the last battle and beat the enemy in us,the desire about fading existence.
Let us hold together in peace with the target in common,nirvana,the sense of life.

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