The power of the Zodiac

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The power of the zodiac

Life and death,the rise and the fall of the essences are for the next billion years to the clostest connected with the ten and twelve zodiac,because they are twelve since the split of the human in sexes circa 18.000.000 million years ago.
The constellation under which man got born is the same under which man died in past life.
Each reinkarnation assume four terms:a man ,a woman,one essence which has to incarnate and the same constellation from the past life or rather death.
The knowledge about twelve zodiac were already with the old hebrews established.They only veil the
symbolic in the name of the twelve clans and their rulers,each from them means one zodiac,so for example the ruler"REUBEN" is described as"erratic or floating water",but this only means simply the sing"aquarius",etc,etc.
So the clans truely never existed,they were only covered astrology.
The stars influences always only the personality,this means body,feeling,thinking,soul and spirit.This now following pertain only the personality,from it apply:between us and nirvana there is only the personality,Who is not able to overcome this,who is not able to undone,this one can never reach the
annhilitation of all perceptions and feelings,perculiar in the best way will always be stocked in one of the lower heaven.To be able to get released from the personality,man has to be aware of the fact about the
truely nature of personality.The nun Dhammadinna axplain:"The five pieces of the hanging on are the personality,the grand said,brother Visekha,as there is a piece of hanging on at the conciousness.This five pieces of the hanging on means the personality.

But how the personality arise?The nun tells us:"This thurst,as there is the thurst of sex,the thurst of being,the thurst of good health,this is the arise of personality.

But how to dissolve personality or what is the dissolve of personality?Dhammadinna:"Even the absolutely restless dissolve of this thurst,rejection,expulsion,removement,externation,this is the dissolve of the personality.It is this eightfold
holy way,of this the Buddha said, it will lead to the dissolve of the personality,even they are:right awareness,right attitude,right talk,right action,right alternation,right effort,right comprehension,right cavity.

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