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THE BOOK OF LIGHT was dictated to Lanoo by the MAHA CHOHAN. THE BOOK OF LIGHT is the revival of the mother of all religions, philosophies and sciences.
Does THE BOOK OF LIGHT teach something new?
No, it just reveals and revives the ancient knowledge about origin and destiny of man and universe. That knowledge is already contained in veiled form in all religions and legends. This common core, so reveals and teaches THE BOOK OF LIGHT, unites all religions and sciences and philosophies and thus will establish peace on earth.
Does THE BOOK OF LIGHT teach only cosmological themes and universal phenomena?
No, it also teaches the history and destiny of man and universe during a cosmic world period of 311,040,000,000,000 years. THE BOOK OF LIGHT is thus the inheritance of all nations of the world. OM.
How strong is THE BOOK OF LIGHT?
It will resist anything that threatens the values ​​of the inner man. In addition, THE BOOK OF LIGHT unites all religions by their common core, beyond the not to be taken literally religious writings.
What doesTHE BOOK OF THE LIGHT prove?
The necessity of an absolute Divine Principle in nature.
Was the esoteric knowledge, now revealed in the BOOK OF LIGHT, perhaps kept too secret?
That may be true, but it was probably necessary to prevent further distortion of esoteric facts.
With whose permission is THE BOOK OF LIGHT now released?
With the approval of the esoteric schools beyond the Himalayas and by their branches in China, Japan, India, Tibet and Syria. OM. THE BOOK OF LIGHT is a summary of all the esoteric writings that appeared since the age of ideographic hieroglyphic alphabet to Cadmus and the Devanagari. OM.
Where is it confirmed, that THE BOOK OF LIGHT contains the knowledge, which once united all beings in the UNIVERSE?
In the secret and sacred libraries of the occult brotherhood and also within the reader, if he reads THE BOOK OF LIGHT again and again with the right understanding and PATIENCE.
How can THE BOOK OF LIGHT have united all beings in the universe since reawakening of the universe, if it existed only in written original form since the beginning of writing on earth?
THE BOOK OF LIGHT has existed since the reawakening of the universe in Akasha, the astral library of the universe.
Is THE BOOK OF LIGHT the truth?
Is there only one truth?
Yes, but it has many facets. These facets are ALL religions, philosophies and sciences of today, because in them all is hidden the common core of the doctrine of THE BOOK OF LIGHT.
What does THE BOOK OF LIGHT teach?
The inner and outer constitution of man, as it arises from death, and which part of it survives.
Why is death so important?
To liberate the soul, imprisoned in the body, and to then reincarnate refreshed in a new body.
To where leads us THE BOOK OF LIGHT?
It helps us to understand mankind and go BEHIND the veil of the transient form, into the realm of reality.
What does THE BOOK OF LIGHT teach about the nature of civilizations?
Their development, what they are based on, and how these civilizations are the result of the energies, which sprang forth from the hearts and minds of humanity.
Is the doctrine of THE BOOK OF LIGHT taken from the different religions, philosophies and sciences?
No. They SPRANG from it. It is their secret source. The various religions, sciences and philosophies arose all from THE BOOK OF LIGHT. Or: THE ONE KNOWLEDGE, now revived in the BOOK OF LIGHT, scattered into the many religions, philosophies and sciences of today. Now the time has come, to reunite them all in ONE scripture. That scripture is THE BOOK OF LIGHT.
Why did the one knowledge scatter?
Because of the limited or obscured consciousness in a fallen humanity. WITHOUT that scattered knowledge, though, there would be perhaps no more humanity...
THE BOOK OF LIGHT existed since reawakening of the entire universe. But when was this knowledge first revealed on earth?
Many millions of years ago by high beings from higher spheres.
Then, from time to time, appeared angelic hierarchies, and renewed the knowledge of THE BOOK OF LIGHT. Some of these teachers were men, older brothers, or advanced ones of the human race, who, by own choice, remained with us. THE BOOK OF LIGHT spred actually in four ways, as a revelation by high beings from other spheres, by older brothers, and through the Masters, and also hidden in the great world religions, who can not be properly understood, without the esoteric key of THE BOOK OF LIGHT. OM.
What is the difference between THE BOOK LIGHT and the orthodox teachings of today?
THE BOOK OF LIGHT uncovers the truth. The orthodox teachings cover it.
Why, again, disappeared the truth, now revealed in the BOOK OF LIGHT?
Because the truth has been misinterpreted for so long, due to the falling state of consciousness in humanity, until it only remained in legends and religions, then interpreted literally. The result of it can be seen today.
What is the problem of the religions of today?
The inner life and the true meaning has disappeared, or rests in their common core. THE BOOK OF LIGHT will renew and revive that once common kowledge, and thus unite all religions on earth and end all religious wars.
Where and when was the knowledge of the BOOK OF LIGHT taught in secret?
In the so-called "mysteries" in ancient Greece, but also in countries under Roman rule.


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