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The Seven Seals are the seven chakras of the human body, ruled by seven signs of the Zodiac constellation. The remaining five sifgns influence the etheric or prâņa प्राण body. The seven cities, societies, trumpet calls and horsemen namend in the bible [Apocalypse] are secret hints at the seven
chakras, their corresponding organs and the sensations experienced by the candidate, for insrtance at Initiationm when Kuņḍalinî awakens and flows in the order of numbering.Thus it is the 3nd chakra from below, which opens first and therefore becomes the first and therefore becomes the first seal. Why? Because it is at the 2nd chakra from below where the positive and negative energy- currents starts, together with two prâṇic nervestrings, along the spine to meet again at the point between the eyes. See the esoteric description of the human spine in "THE SERPENT" ,p.30 it is also because the procreative organs are connect with the second Chakra from below that Kuņḍalinî starts there, since that chacra guarantees the survival of the species. Another reason for the 2nd chakra from below being the first seals is "the fall of man "about 18,000,000 B.C. but also the placing of the seals on man (by angels) prior to that. The opening of the seals or chakras and the resulting dramatic sensations in the candidate are described in symbilical from un the lst book of the bible "Revelation" also known as "Acopolypse" and fully revealed in THE BOOK OF LIGHT. Once all sealsor chakras are opened and conquered by the candidate throuh moral purity,study and meditation, the candidate is dwija द्विज or Twiceborn or "Bornagain" and has achieved immortality inconsciousness. He can leave and reenter his physical body at will.Thus death shall there be no more for him who overcame. AUM. He or she shall depart in full awareness from the body through the chakra on top of the head [ 7 th seal], to then continue to live on the astral, mental and spiritual plane, teaching its denizens [ deceased humans, angels, nature spirits, etc.] that everything is TRANSIENT and that the purpose of life on ALL planes is NIRVÂṆA , the absence of devire. The Seven Seals can also be awakened by Sound, fpr instance the Soaund of zhe 49 letters[ plus one] of the Sanskritalpabet. The saound and beat of Rap, Rock, Punk, Disco, etc. Excites and awakes extremely and premature the lower seals or chakras ,especially in younger people who have not yet conquered them and leashes all the negative aspects [ hate, anger, depression, etc.] in their chakras, leading to the chaoic situation of today [crime, gangs, killing, moral and mental decay. Etc.]. Before studying the seals and how to awaken them, the Lanoo should become acquained with the Esoteric nature of the human spne, of whose anatomy orthodox science only knows little. I do, through, not concern myself here too much with what is already known about the human body. That can be looked up in any anatomy book. I rather explain the etheric- astral- mental causes bEHIND the physical phenomena. Some about the esoteric anatomicanatomy of the human body has already been revealed in this book. Here now some addioional information.
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The humanbody has four esoteric divisions.

Brain=organ of higher Mind.
2) lungs and heart = Organs of lower Minds; lower but not necessarily neghative.
3) Navel= orgen or rather center of passional nature .
4) Genitals = organs of reproduction.

THE NERVE-SYSTEM has dual aspects.

cerebrospinal= brain+ spinal cord.
Sympathic or ganglionic stem= series od distinct nerve- centers or ganglia, as seen in the illustration and later also indetail.


is the human spine or Columa spinalis with 33 segments of bone, resembling a serpent standing perpendicular on its tail. Once Kuņḍalinî has crossed all 33 segments up to the candidate became enlightened, which is why "Jesus lived for 33 years."Or; Jusus was ENLIGTEND. The centrecanal of the bony column is filled with the "precious fluid of enlightenment", made of the body's air gasas [expl. only orally]. It is that spinal fluid, when activates by and mixed with
Kuņḍalinî, which becomes "the River of God" by which, for instance, jesus like every other Initiate was "baptized" in Jordan [Mat. 2:13,15]. There was, in those days, never a real river of Jordan, knows by that name. It is the Medulla Oblongata which connects the Spinal cord with the brain, causing symtoms like migraine, headaches, etc. being nothing but irregular outbrakes, etc. Enough has been revealed to enable the candidate. To awaken the chakras or seals and thus return to his or her immortal, uncreated, eternal, timeless being. AUM. THE AWAKENING OF THE SEALS. The Seals must be awakend by study,meditation and no sexual activity and by SOUND, the sound of the correspnding Sanskrit letters who were spoken millions of years ago by the Deva-angles when they placed the seal on a, in the beginning still sexless, human race. AUM. The corresponding Sanskrit letters are the keys opening the seal. In order to use or pronounce these letters prperty one has to study the Sanskrit letters are the keys opening the seal. In order to use or pronounce these letters property one has to study the Sanskrit alphabet.
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Prostatic gannglion.Senations at the awakening: Phallic, sexcenter, symbolized in the bible as "the city of Smyrna", not for fig industry. When the lamb openedone od the seals... behold a white horse... Who was riding him had a bow." Rev. 6,12 "One of tthe seals"is another veil to hide the truth before the masses, in order to keep them in bondage where they are the weakest- in their sexdrive." The white horse" indicates that it is here, where purity has to be achieved, namely by overcoming the sexdrive,abstain from procrative, abstain from procreative activity and thus allow "the Christ to rise" meaning Kuņḍalinî." The Bowman" is you, the conquereor. Before I reveal to you the letters, opening the first seal let me emphasize that THE SAFEST WAY to open the seal, is a pure lifestyle [No sex, no drugs, no alcohol], eat only vegetarian food, drink only water , study and meditate and the Seals or CHAKRAS shallawake on their own. THEN you may apply the Sanskrit letters,etc.

"The Trumpet call: at the opening of the first seal announced "hail and fire, mixed with blood... cast into the earth...1/3 of the earth was consumed,1/3 of the trees and alss fresh grass were consumed:" [ch.8:7]. That points at the awakening of the physic consciousness being 1/3 of our nature". Hail" is the lunar element in us, being violently experienced." Fire" is the solarforce, waiting from above to be mixed with the bloodand,or Earth-Kuņḍalinî , shooting upwards through our feet, meeting " at the marriage of the lamp" the Sun-Kuņḍalinî at the oping of the 7th Seal.
The "ONE THIRD" alludes also to" The fall of Man" or to the refusal of" 1/3 of the angels to give mind to a until then mindless race, which led to the war in heaven." [See THE BOOK OF LIGHT ]. The first seals is under the influence of ARIES "the Bowman".


Epigastric ganglion. Sensation at the awakening: Psychic forces, symbolized in the bible as "the city of Pergamos", noted for psychic temples."hen he openend the second seal...a fiery red horse came ou... who was riding him... was givena great sword."[REv.6:3,4] The horse points at the abdominal region, its "rider" passionpersonified [also the red Dragon, etc.]Opening that seal prematurely unleashes passion.

The trumpet call at the opening of the second seal announced a "greadflamming mountain of fire" as if he" was cast into the sea". And again "1/3 of the sea came to blood. The third of the existant beings in the sea, having souls, died: and the 1/3 of the ship (also 1/3 of the planets of the Makara) were wrecked."
[ch.8:8,9]. The flamming mountain is [also] the symbol of Mars, ruling our lower nature, "the sea." Only the one who has mastred passion and carnal desire shall survive the opening of the seal. David Koresh, Swaggart and others didn't or will not survive it.The 2nd seal is ruled by Scorpio [Mars house, War God].


Cardiac ganglion. Sensations at the awakening: joy an depression, symbolized as the city of Thyateira since it manufractures scarlet (refers to circulatory system). "When he open the 3 rd seal... a blach horse. Who was riding him had a balance in his hand:" [ch.6:5,6] Blackhorse= lower Mind. Balance=This seal is under Libra. 3 rd seal is anahata or heart chakra. In the heart a distinction is drawn between spiritual and unspiritual mind [intellect, tained by pshchic emotions and carnal desires]. Make no mistake, the greatest culures, for instance ours, were created by that unspiritual mind, which tells you something about the "greatness" of these cultures.

At the 3rd trumpet call"a star flaming like a storch" fell from the sky, on" the third of the rivers and on" the springs of waters". "Wormwood" was the name of the star, rainting the water, killing many men because" they (the water) were made bitter."[ch. 8:10,11]. Venus is the falling star, affecting the emotional psychic nature. "The bitter waters" symbolize: All pleasure eventually produces pain. But once man's nature is purified, and has attained abence of desire, leading to Nirvâņa, his "bitter water", also the body's vital essence, transmute through acelibate life of study and meditation into "the sweet water of life."


Laryngeal ganglion. Sensation at the opening: Tasting the word" We can literally taste Kuņḍalinî, since it touch the Adam's apple. "Therefore the symbol is the city of Sadeis", pointing at a sardion, sardine or carnelian. "When he opened the FOURTH seal...: Come... a dun horse... riding him...was death and the unseen went along with him." [ch.6:7,8] "The dun horse" is the lowest sex division, THE driving power in or of everybody's lower self. There is no true liberation from anything until somebody has not conquered, or rather detached oneself from, that power [over him...]. Sex exists in two realms, psyichic and physical, during life AND after death on the lower astral planes [even right now during life of the physical body]. All desires can only be conquered not by yielding to them but rather by attaining more and more neutrlity, until they fall off from you. During the process of detachment and thus overvoming, your desires may grow stronger and threaten to overwhelm you , by turning into "the Beast" and thus the true enemy which is you are NOT. Remain strong, remain neutrally OBSERVENT, WITNESSING everything. While the rest of the world yield to their desires, thus becoming more and more enslaved to them., you attack and destroy them single handed, just by observing and NOT yielding to them. Beware of THE BEAST! It is nowhere out there, not even some New World Order computer- controlled supersatellite, the Beast is in and around YOU, it is what you are NOT, and you are not your body, emotion, mind,soul and even spirit. AUM.

The 4th trumpet call given by the 4th divinity caused that" 1/3 of the sun was sticken" as well as 1/3 of moon and stars," and the day should not give light to it" and likewise the night. It means that only when the physical and psychic forces have been brought into equilibrium and neutrlized each other, consciousness can rise to a higher plane. Or: Only when you have detached yourself from the lower can you rise to the higher. The ruling Zodiac of the 4 th Seal, 3rd Chakra is virgo. Only if you become a virgo or virgin again can you master.


Cavernous ganglion. Sensation at the awakening: Earthquake like, violently over whelming but eventually leading to enlightenment. Symbol: City of Philadelphia because repeatedly destroyed by earthquakens. In ch.6:9-11 we read: " When he opened the fifth seal, I saw.. those... sacrificed... until their fellow slaves and... brothers... should have finished." Only a small percentage of our brain [cells] is actually functioning, The rest, when touched by Kuņḍalinî is enlightened and" sacrificed." But first the other centersor "their brothers" have to be activated by study and meditation or "killed" as the bible has it. Why killed ? Because the term "killed" often indicates that something old [consciousness] has to be killed or to die until the new consciousness can arise.

When the 5th Divinity gives the trumpet call at the opening of the 5th sealor 2nd Chakra" a star had fallen from the sky to the earth" and "sun and air were darkened by smoke " and "... came locusts upon the earth."like" scorpions on the earth have license." The meaning is clear: The fallen star is venus, in its lower aspect,exiting passions and desires in man and woman, clouding them like smoke. Zhe scorpion- like cavalry are impure thoughts. These "scorpions have licence" to "punish men five months." The 5 months of the summertime are meant, when passions and desires are most active. [ See ch.9:1-12] Cnacer rules the Fifth Seal.


Sacral ganglion, Muladhara Chakra. Sensations, when awakened: Regenerative forces, but also anger, hatred and selfishness, all manifesting and hiding there an the anal area. Life is an ocean of suffering, the forbidden fruit, a place totally inappropriate for us. We, like everything else belong where we came from, we belong to, we ARE at our core,


A search for Truth in any other direction will lead eventually to moral and physical decay. Orimitive beats ans rhythms[ Rap, Rock, Disco, Hip Hop, etc.] are enjoyed by those whose anal chakras ar being opened by low consciosness. The result: A society ruled by crime and perversion from the top to the bottom. The fish rots and stinks always from the heard [government] first. Symbol for the 2nd chakra: The Diana tempel in Ephesos Perverted rites were running wild there. Or: An awakening of the KUṆḌALINÎ before moral purity is attained causes perversion and death. Therefore we read in ch. 6:12-17, “...when he opened the sixth seal... came a great earthquake.” Here the earthquake means a trauma in the brain [5th seal] either enlighthening or destroying the canditate. Why even the candidate, who has already achieved moral purity? Because KUṆḌALINÎ, once reaching the [almost] highest or 2nd chakra from the top, rushes then down to the lowest and 7 th chakra. The slightest hidden impurity would cause Kuņḍalinî or the Serpentfire to rush futher downloads and often kill the candidate. IF KUṆḌALINÎ can be reversed there by the champion, it shall then rush back and upwards and hit the candidate once again in the brain. You see now why any other test or problem or also achievement in life is a child's play, compared to “the trials, tribulations and ordeals of Initiation”?

The sixth Trumpet call “turns loose the four Divinities who are fettered at the great river Euphrates is the cerebo-spinal axis, and the 4 divibities rule the seasons, but also symbilize the religious worship mentality of those 1/3 who indulge, for instance, in the insanity of religion of today. The 6 th Seal [7th chakra from the top] is ruled by Capricorn. How to rule and dominate a person? In every person no matter how powerful or intelligent there is a child or THE child hidden. Once you “discover” that child you speak to it and you thus influence but also change that person easily to the better [ See the Seven Rays, B.o.L] Once the 6th seal is opened, the candidate experiences sheer terror. He becomes aware of the EMPTINESS in everything, since we are basically made of our bodies and also around and between us. The Buddha reveals: “As I tarried there[meditating alone in the forest] a deer came by, a bird caused a twig to fall, and wind set all the leaves whispering; and I Throught: ' now it is coming-that fear and terror!”


Pineal gland. Sensation: ENLIGTHENMENT.Symbol: City of Laodikeia, noted for the manifcture of ”Phrygian powder, or eye-salve” pointing at the 3rd eye and higher. When he opened the 7th seal... silence... [then] 7 trumpets.” When Kuņḍalinî flows through the seven and twelve braincentres a sound is heard. Rev. 8:1-6.” He is born”-”It is done. “Meaning that the candidate has successfully passed the test of Initiation while havang been bound at a cross and not naild, as religion wants us to believe [See BOOK OF LIGHT].

The trumpet call at the opening, given by the 7 th Divinity in ch.11:15-18, causes “great voices in the sky “and”... his Anointed shall reign through out the aeons and the aeons.” The opening of the highest chakra causes immortality in consciousness and we hear the voices of the highest angels, telling us that we shall rule and live throughout ”the aeons of the aeons,” which would be at most 311. years, but THEN everything including the highest heavens shall be destroyed, to reawake again after Maha-Pralaya of 311. years, which is why the Buddha who had attained enlightenment with all seals or chakras opened, uttered as answer to the angelic revelation [ as written in ch.11:15-18]: “And if I would only be reborn among the highest Gods, I do not wnat to return to this world. I have nothing anymore in common with the order of things.” So he chose NIRVÂṆA, which is higher than the higest heavens with all their Gods and God itself. Thus Gautama Buddha can truly be called “ the teacher of men AND Gods.” AUM.
The Seventh Seal and First Chakra is ruled by LEO. The cycle is closed. Kuņḍalinî, the Serpent, swallows its own tail by rushing from the lowest Chakra or 6 th Seal ruled by CAPRICORN to the highest 1st chakra or Seventh Seal ruled by LEO.
The opening of The Seventh Seal leads to...


More to the seven seals and how they are activated in the Book "THE SECRET OF THE SEVEN SEALS" to Christian Anders/Lanoo

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