We want an interest-free depreciating monetary system
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Nobody wants him and yet he is there. This shows once again
how much the German has to really say when it comes to
Themes that for a few families of bankers
Advantage and a disadvantage for the citizens are. They do,
what they want, with or without us, the citizens. The €
is unnecessary as the new German spelling rules.

But now he is even there. You can even as the euro currency
To save, yes, it is in itself not important, how we
Currency name, it is only important one, and the demand
I am here again:

I demand:

1. The establishment of a national currency Office.

2. The official currency is subject to the supervision of the European
Parliament and the European Court of Auditors.

3.The duties of the Currency Office are as follows:

a. The SB is owed cash. And interest-free either to the government
the Member States of the European Union or the money
is as a bounty equally among the peoples of Member States
distributed and is available as credit money.

b. The regulation of money supply will follow
instead, the price level is determined by the SB on
Duration held by the money supply
increased or decreased, depending on whether the European
Statistical Office of inclination measured price indices
to sink or rise to the exhibit.

c. The circulation of the money is secured as follows:
Money money by denomination by denomination (eg 500 € notes)
or exchange for new notes
ensures the continuous revolution of the SB
Money calls, convert to for new notes and
raises money Exchanges i.e. Geldhortungsgebühren.

d. saving money is free of charge from the SB
accepted and paid back on demand free of charge.
Savings deposits are not hoarding. Interest is
However, not granted.

e. The lending is done as follows:
Interest free loans are made by the SB-saving funds
creations and cash award,
below-cost administrative fees.

f. For the money transfer raises the SB cost recovery
Management fees

g. Within a reasonable time periods is the SB
The euro exchange rate against other currencies
considering the productivity development in the
Agreement with the competent central banks established.

h. The existing private commercial banks in Member States
the European Union are converted into branches of the Bank;
are therefore incorporated in the State Money Management.

So it is written, so shall it be.

Lanoo (Christian Anders)

From the book
"The truth bank fraud"
of Lanoo (Christian Anders)
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